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Personal Injury Lawyers Miami Florida

When a person has been the victim of a personal injury incident and has got serious injuries, he/she needs a voice to stand up for his/her rights in the legal system aggressively. We at Personal Injury Attorney Miami have maintained a very long law career by protecting individuals who may otherwise not have their voice heard in the justice system. Our law firm with our Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL offers the attention and care that your case actually deserves.

If you’ve sustained a severe injury because of somebody else’s actions, then you have the rights that should be upheld. Personal Injury Lawyer Miami FL work hard to better our legal system daily by protecting all of our clients’ rights and making sure that all individuals get fair and necessary closure to their case. Call Miami Personal Injury Attorney to discuss your specific personal injury matter with us immediately. 

Importance Of Our Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

People who watch the law shows on television or commercials about accident or injury cases sometimes think that they can easily represent themselves, even though they aren’t lawyers. Non-attorneys are uninformed that personal injury cases can involve many legal issues which they might not be properly trained or equipped to deal with.  

Oftentimes, the other careless party will have his/her insurance company and Miami Personal Injury Lawyer representing them, whose work is to reject the claim, reduce your injuries, or pay as less as probable for personal injury claims. Without an attorney, the insurance company most likely will deny your claims or pay a minimal amount, being confident that you’ll not file a lawsuit or do not have the experience or skill to litigate the case in court. 

Our Personal Injury Attorney Miami FL can uphold your right, maximize the result in the case, and handle issues like emergency room bills, medical bills, and diverse bills from other providers. An experienced Miami Personal Injury Lawyer will know to cut the medical bills to capitalize on compensation which a client without a lawyer won’t be capable to do. 

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Miami Cases Experience

Our Personal Injury Attorney Miami FL law firm handles different kinds of injury cases like: 

Car accidents 

Truck accidents 

Slip and fall accidents 

Motorcycle accidents 

Elder abuse 

Burn and explosion cases 

Negligent security 

Catastrophic Injury 

Wrongful death cases 

Preparing for Initial Consultation 

During the initial consultation, we at Miami Personal Injury Attorney recommend our clients to get as much of information as they’ve regarding the personal injury accident. This includes medical bills, hospital bills, hospital records, information on other driver, their insurance information, etc. If other insurance company contacted the client, then our lawyers request them to get the name of insurance company, name of adjuster, their claim number, their address, and adjuster's contact number. 

In this present age, most of the people have camera on their phone. If you’re able, you must take photos of the accident that occurred with you, of the place where the accident took place, of property damages, and other important details of that accident and get all those photos to us during consultation with our Personal Injury Attorney Miami FL.